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Image by Jerome

National Gallery Series

- 10 episodes
- From Middle Ages to 19th
- Formal and stylistic analysis
- Materials and techniques
- Contexts – social, political, cultural, artistic

For western classic art lovers

Tutor: Hui LI

Image by Dil

Tate Modern Series

- 10 episodes
- From Cubism to Performance Art
- Explore iconic works of art 
- Investigate three methods of drawing

For modern art lovers

Tutor: Yuhan HUANG

Image by MJ Tangonan

Natural History Museum Series

- 10 episodes
- From Dinosaur to Minerals
- Fun Facts

For young kids

Tutor: Yiyi XIE

Science Museum Series

- 10 episodes
- From Energy to Space Exploring
- Fun Facts

For young kids

Tutor: Shengxue TONG

Image by Tamara Menzi

British Museum Series

Coming soon

For human history lovers

Tutor: Yilan LUAN

Photo by Toa heftiba on unsplash.jpg

V&A Series

​Coming soon

For design lovers

Tutor: Xiaohui LI



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